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Tribal Tattoo Rose

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tribal Tattoo Combination with red Rose very nice designtribal tattoo combination with red rose very nice design From temporary to contemporary, a single bud or full sleeve, rose tattoo designs remain some of the most sought after in the circuit. The rose can be incorporated into any theme and can be any color imaginable, unlike other traditional flowers such as the daisy. I have never seen a purple daisy and unless you prefer fantasy, purple just does not seem to fit a daisy. A rose on the other hand is versatile. This flower has different symbolic meaning according to color as well.

What Does A Rose Mean To You?

There are very few people who do not like roses. Their scent is as delicate as their blossoms appear to be, yet the rose is a very hardy flower. It survives the harshest of elements and will lay dormant through the long winter months to emerge as beautiful as ever. With some tender loving care a rose will survive many generations.

This is one symbolic meaning of the rose. It represents the elements of life, beginning with a small, immature bud which soon grows into an individual blossom. No two are exactly alike. It will whither with time, being replaced with younger buds of its generation, with only a petal or two remaining to remind us of its passing beauty.


The color of rose tattoo designs can have special meaning to a person as well. Some are not aware of a color's symbolic meaning when they are considering a design.

- Red can stand for love, passion- zest for life
- Blue can be seen as impossibility, with blue being at one time very rare
- Yellow stands for friendship and good will
- Pink can represent youth and also for cancer awareness
- White is linked to purity and all that is good
- Black implies loss or underlying challenges
- Gold will represent good fortune or high achievement

There are many color variations to choose from, and each can have a special meaning that is chosen by you. Green may be chosen for Irish heritage or simply because green is also your birth month color. The choices are endless. One could mix and match different colors according to what they wish them to represent, or just because you like that certain color!

Design Variations

Other popular or custom designs are incorporated with rose tattoo designs to either add variety or expand upon a basic theme. Some will add butterflies to give a realistic look to a nature theme, which is easily achieved by a talented artist.

Hummingbirds are quite popular, as are mythical creatures such as faeries, pixies and unicorns. All compliment the rose in some way, depending on how they are depicted.

A single rose entwined in barbed wire could represent the bondages of life and the desire for freedom, where two roses intertwined with delicate ferns could suggest a union of love and devotion.

By using your imagination making your choice of which design you relate to will be easier. You may even be able to create your own unique rose tattoo designs that will be distinctly yours. Take your time and explore every avenue. After all, whatever you end up with will be considered permanent.

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